Protect Your Sprinklers All Year Long

Learn about our seasonal irrigation services in Edgerton and Butler, IN

Just like your home plumbing, your sprinkler system needs maintenance to withstand winter weather. Precision Irrigation offers irrigation system winterization and other seasonal services to protect your landscaping in Edgerton or Butler, IN. You can avoid expensive damage to your pipes and yard when you hire us.

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Find a solution for your needs

We offer a wide range of seasonal irrigation services, including:

  • Spring start-ups - call us when spring rolls around to make sure all your sprinkler heads are ready for use.
  • Drainage tile installations - we'll help you avoid mold in your yard and home.
  • Winterization services - we'll prevent your pipes from freezing by blowing out any remaining water with compressed air.
  • Trenching and plowing - direct excess rainwater away from your home with trench drains.
  • Boring and sleeving - avoid a flooded yard by installing a drain sleeve under your driveway or sidewalk.
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